Latest News

[Updated January 2023]

Since July 2021, I have been busy running my new media art gallery Project DIVFUSE ( in Hackney of East London. While it is exciting to see the work of various fellow artists being exhibited, I have also continued to dedicate time into developing my own art work.

Upcoming : The graphic score together with the improvised sound by Orchestra NEW recorded during a live performance in Cafe OTO on 1 April 2022 is now uploaded. See the page Digital & Sound.

Photo : The Mental Diary 2020 UK / Drawing – Pen on Paper / 50cm x 70cm


Upcoming Events : See for things happening in my micro art space DIVFUSE where I curate exhibitions, workshops and events for other artists who mainly practise sound, digital and multimedia art.

Photo : Self Portrait 2009 / Installation – Materials: Photographs and egg shells