The Universe Series 2009 – 2010 UK / Materials : Varied / Dimensions : Varied

This series of works comprises of a number of small sculptures based on subconscious ideas of the universe. It is a continuous project.


From Mars 2017 UK / Materials: Men’s handkerchieves with prints / Dimensions : 80cm x 80cm

This is one of the four pieces of work that I presented at the duo exhibition with Stephanie Conway called Room 101. The exhibition explores the theme of unity/disunity. The squares of the men’s handkerchieves symbolise unity which have, however, been disrupted. Trees have formed a motif throughout the work in this exhibition including From Venus (See Space), The Multitude of Seeing III and IV (See Paintings).


The Pawnbroker’s Shop 2011 UK / Materials : Paper, cotton thread and prints / Dimensions : Variable

This piece of work was exhibited in the Charles Dickens Museum in London.

In The Pawnbroker’s Shop in the Book Sketches of Boz by Charles Dickens, objects in a pawnbroker’s shop are vividly described and sketched out in words. I chose a paragraph, then cut and pasted the terms of objects written by Dickens into Google and looked up what images were associated with these terms. I then made books with the found images. The books are small which correspond to the size of images that came up on my computer screen as I did the search.

I wish to interpret Dickens’s observation of objects using Google as a tool. The images that came up through the search were rather random.


Removing the Material Surface of Communication 2010 UK / Materials: Pages from books and masking tapes / Dimensions : Variable

I removed the superficial texts of books that were written in different language.


Buried but not Dead 2009 UK / Materials : Books, soil, glass tank, ivy leaves and roots / Dimensions : 40cm x 40cm x 40cm

Some of the books for this work were buried underground inside a cemetery. They went through both rainy and sunny days before they were transferred into a tank. The books and text were buried but they were not dead. In fact, they have become the root for new lives.


Balloons! 2009 UK / Materials : Balloons, plaster, strings and helium / Dimensions : Variable

This piece of work is about lightness against weight.
It is like a changing sculpture. The work changes with time.
The higher up the balloon, the faster it comes down.


Once Lost 2009 UK / Materials: Video and found glove / Dimensions : 3cm (W) x 12cm (D) x 13cm (H)

When I first arrived in the UK, I spent some time being a wanderer. During my daily walks, I picked up a number of lost objects from people whom I had never met before.

The objects could only be found after they were lost.


12 Hours 2012 UK / Materials: Maps, seashells and resin / Dimensions : Variable

Life is an unknown journey. There might not be any choice as to how it turns out to be. But there are choices as to how to respond to things as they are unfold. Sometimes, we might choose to do a lot. Other times, we might like to do nothing at all.

The seashell piece forms part of a bigger project names 12 Hours. The project was exhibited at Bank Street Arts Gallery at Sheffield in a show named 12-12-12.

12 Hours is a collaboration with another artist Andrea Artz. For this project, we picked a destination within the UK for each other to travel to. We did not know which place we were asked to visit until the day of travel which was 1 July 2012. Sealed envelopes with train tickets and instructions of tasks to be carried out during the journey were exchanged the night before. By responding to the instructions, the artists tried to aim at collecting materials which could be used to make further artwork individually afterwards. The materials collected came in the form of objects, sketches, writings, voice, photos, memories and so on.

Based on the number 12, I decided to start by drawing on a map a circle with a radius of 144km (144 = 12 x 12) from the centre of London. Amongst the places that this circle hit, I picked Derby for Andrea to travel to. As for me, I was asked to travel south to Portsmouth Harbour and the Isle of Wight.

For this seashell piece, I made use of some shells that I picked up from a beach at the Isle of Wight. Inside the shells, there are fragments of a map which I was given at the Tourists Information Center at Portsmouth. By combining the two objects, I wish to connect up the two places which are only separated by a harbour.