Born in Hong Kong

Lived in Hong Kong, Macau and New Zealand. Currently based in London, UK

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  • MA(Fine Art) with Merit, University of Leeds, UK
  • BA(Fine Art) with Distinction, RMIT University, Australia (programme co-presented with the Hong Kong Art School)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Hons), The University of Auckland, New Zealand


  • Selected artist for the Catlin Guide, London UK 2010
  • Selected artist for MAstars of Axis, Leeds UK 2009
  • Recipient of the University of Leeds – Hong Kong Arts Development Council Scholarship 2008/09 for the MA(Fine Art) course
  • Finalist of the Siemens – RMIT Fine Art Award, Melbourne, Australia 2007


  • Concert ‘Surfeit’ organised by The Thames Submarine, Cafe OTO, London UK, January 2023
  • Performance, ‘The Silent Improviser : Livia Garcia X Steve Beresford, Project DIVFUSE, London UK, August 2022
  • Concert ‘ONe’ by Orchestra NEw, Cafe OTO, London UK, April 2022
  • Concert by Douglas Benford, Hundred Years Gallery, London UK, November 2021
  • Solo exhibition, ‘The Code Keeper’, Project DIVFUSE, London UK, July 2021
  • Steep 18 – Twelve Compositions, St Mary’s Tower, London UK, December 2019
  • 22nd New Wind Festival, Schotts Music Shop, London UK, December 2019
  • London Improvisers Orchestra, IKLECTIK, London UK, November 2019
  • Supporting act as a trio to an evening of Kim Doo Soo, Cafe OTO, London UK, October 2019
  • Duo exhibition, ‘A Visual Symphony’, hARTs Lane Studio Gallery, London UK, September 2019
  • The Horse Improvised Music Club, IKLECTIK, London UK, July 2019
  • Artists’ Open House, Dulwich Festival, Old College Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, London UK, May 2019
  • International Women’s Day, IKLECTIK, London UK, March 2019
  • Dronica Festival #9, The Old Church, London UK November 2018
  • Group exhibiion, ‘The Weather Forecast II’, Open University, HK, October 2018
  • Water Modulation Sound, Dance and Media Festival, McAulay Studio Theatre, HK, September 2018
  • Women’s Contribution to Improvised Music, IKLECTIK, London UK, March 2018
  • London New Wind Festival, IKLECTIK, London UK, December 2017
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Republic of Brexitopia’, Espacio Gallery, London UK, September 2017
  • Duo exhibition, ‘Room 101’, hARTs Lane Studio Gallery, London UK, March 2017
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Weather Forecast’, IKLECTIK, London UK, June 2016
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Secret Life of No.36’, Space 36, London UK, June 2016
  • Artist Studios Opening, Whirled Art Studios, Forest Hill, London UK, November 2015
  • Artist residency, IKLECTIK, London UK November 2015
  • Group exhibition, ‘DisRuptive at IKLECTIK Part II’, IKLECTIK, London UK, September 2015
  • Group exhibition, ‘DisRuptive at IKLECTIK Part I’, IKLECTIK, London UK, July 2015
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show’, Espacio Gallery, London UK, January 2015
  • ACME Open Artist Studios, Galleria Court, London UK, December 2014
  • Duo Exhibition, ‘Derive’, Asia House, London UK, October 2014
  • Group exhibition, ‘12-12-12′, Bank Street Art Gallery, Sheffield UK, December 2012 to January 2013
  • Group exhibition, ‘LOUD’, Fünffensterstraße 4, Kassel Germany, June to July 2012
  • Group exhibition, ‘2.5D’, Kingsgate Gallery, London UK, January 2012
  • Group exhibition, ‘Re-Sketching Boz’, The Charles Dickens Museum, London UK, April 2011
  • Group exhibition, ‘Hong Kong Whispers’, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London UK, January 2011 to February 2011
  • Group exhibition, ‘Between Expression and Action’, Red Eric Studios, Leeds UK, December 2010
  • Group exhibition, ‘PROP’, Departure Gallery, London UK, September 2010 to October 2010
  • Trio exhibition, ‘Raw’, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham UK, March 2010
  • Fotan Artists Open Studios 2010, HK, January 2010
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Catlin Guide’, London Art Fair 2010, London UK, January 2010
  • Group exhibition, ‘The Southall Riot: Trident Way 2’, Departure Gallery, London UK, December 2009
  • Group exhibition, ‘A Room of Words’, South Square Gallery, Bradford UK, December 2009 to January 2010
  • Group exhibition, ‘Final Days’, Temple Works, Leeds UK, October 2009
  • Group exhibition, ‘Departure Gallery Art Prize Exhibition’, Departure Gallery, Rotherham UK, July 2009 
  • MA(FA)/MFA End-of-Year exhibition ‘Octopus’, The University of Leeds, Leeds UK, July 2009 
  • Group exhibition ‘Mini Art Show’, The South Street Gallery, Scarborough UK, April to June 2009 
  • Group exhibition, Leeds Art Fair 2009, Leeds UK, May 2009 
  • BA(FA) Graduation show ‘Juxtaposition’, The Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK, May 2008 
  • Fotan Artists Open Studios 2008, HK, January 2008 
  • Group exhibition ‘Siemens – RMIT Fine Art Award’, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 5 November to 17 November 2007 
  • Group exhibition ‘Poems of Flowers’, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, HK, October 2007 to January 2008 
  • Group exhibition (photography) ‘Ten Years of Images, A Gift to Hong Kong’, Too Art Gallery, HK Arts Centre, HK, July 2007
  • Group exhibition ‘Sik’, White Tube, HK Arts Centre, HK, March 2007 
  • Group exhibition ‘Invisible’, White Tube, HK Arts Centre, HK, February 2007 
  • Group exhibition ‘On the Way’, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne Australia, October 2006 
  • Fotanian 2006 Open Studio, HK, January 2006 
  • Solo exhibition ‘Paintings and Drawings by Livia B. Garcia’, Second Floor Gallery Café, HK, January 2005


  • Features Writer of the book Oasis II – Artists’ Studios in Hong Kong by Asia One Publishing, 2009, HK
  • Features Writer of the book Oasis – Artists’ Studios in Hong Kong by Asia One Publishing, 2008, HK


  • Director of Project DIVFUSE (July 2021 – Present)